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    James Charles Tweeted That He Had A "Fat Ass" And Angered A Drag Queen, A Football Legend, And Others

    Another day, another drama.

    You know James Charles.

    Whenever he tweets something, it's a lot.

    Well, on Saturday, he tweeted that he had "tested positive for having a fat ass."

    tested positive for having a fat ass 😰

    This is a popular meme format right now:

    just tested positive for being broke asf

    Damn i tested positive for needing a kiss wtf

    Still, James was called out for being insensitive.

    @jamescharles Get a test to tell you how insensitive you are🙃

    @jamescharles This isn't it. Very insensitive.

    @jamescharles Lad - tiny bit insensitive. Think of those that have family and friends that are sick at the moment.

    Oh, and he also fought with a drag queen.

    @jamescharles Fat ass? Girl who diagnosed you? Hellen Keller?

    Like, full-blown Twitter spat:

    @jamescharles Awe girl that’s cute. Keep reading doll. I’m not the one who tried to break in people’s lines at drag con to meet u and ask if u can ship me free product ( my tucking panty) for a like and a post. But girl do u! That ass sure looks.........

    Then, a "football legend" (????) sent him this bizarre tweet that got almost 3,000 likes:

    @jamescharles You should be ashamed of yourself for this tweet. I’m a youth football coaching legend, and we had to make one out of shape player lose 20 pounds in 3 days last August. Delete this and stop setting a bad example for today’s youth

    Only James Charles can tweet that and set off a firestorm of strange reactions! We'll keep you updated if anything else happens.