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It's Mariah Carey Season And Her Powers Are Absolutely Unstoppable Right Now

(Even more so than normal.)

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Obviously, you know Mariah Carey. The Songbird Supreme. Queen of Christmas, singing, writing the most number one songs, and so much more.

Well, decades into her career, she's still slaying. She slays every month obviously, but after Nov. 1st, it's officially Mariah Carey Season™, and her powers this year are absolutely unstoppable.


For example, just a few days ago, her 17-year-old album Glitter topped the iTunes charts randomly (!!).

#Glitter by Mariah Carey is now the #1 album on US iTunes 17 years after its release. The same album that was once said to have “destroyed her career” is now the best selling album on iTunes. Mariah’s power remains unmatched. Lambs, we really got #JusticeForGlitter

Also, on the release day of her new masterpiece, Caution, it snowed for the first time in NYC this season. Her power, wow.

the time has come... her power rises

The album is one of the most critically acclaimed R&B albums ever. Coincidence? Nope.

👀😲 Thank you 🙏❤️

She also hit some amazing high notes on Fallon while performing her bop "The Distance" with Ty Dolla $ign.

Mariah’s powers are at an all-time high.

And there's also the fact that she looks like this. Come onnnnnn.

It's not even December yet and this legend is not playing around. Good for you, Mariah. <3


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