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    I Just Noticed The Cooliest Hidden Detail In "Drake And Josh," And Of Course Megan Is Involved

    You ready for this, boobs?

    Remember Drake and Josh?

    The Nickelodeon sitcom gave us new words, catch phrases, and iconic lines:

    If you watched, you probably remember HBIC/queen, Megan, aka their little sister.

    You also probably remember that movie theater Josh worked at, The Premiere:

    Well, in the last-ever episode of Drake and Josh, there was a hidden message on the outside of the theater:

    Did you see it?

    How about now?

    It says, "NOW SHE'S CARLY." She = Megan/Miranda Cosgrove.

    And they're referencing Carly of iCarly, which debuted the same month Drake and Josh ended — in September 2007.

    Miranda Cosgrove (Megan) had basically become Carly, and Drake and Josh producers were supporting her.

    Which makes them — and the message — the cooliest.