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    13 Reasons Why Clay Jensen's Mom Is The Fucking Worst

    Ugh, Lainie.

    To be clear, there are MANY, MANY shitty characters in 13 Reasons Why, who do MANY, MANY shitty things. But Mrs. Jensen needs to be called out. Mrs. Jensen, welcome to your post.

    1. You acted like you're so chill in the first episode when everyone knows you're not.

    2. You made Clay wear his helmet. HE'S IN HIGH SCHOOL. Come on.

    3. You enforced a family breakfast! C'mon, Lainie.

    4. You refused to let Clay wash his sheets, when he may or may not have wet the bed. That's fucked up.

    5. You decided to invite Tony over for dinner, when Clay could not stand him. And you wonder why Clay gets annoyed with you?!

    6. You decided to defend the school in the lawsuit...

    7. ...then offered to drop the case if it hurt Clay. I think it was pretty clear he didn't want you to take the case.

    8. Then you were basically like, "Alright, let's just do this" and offered the Bakers a $200,000 settlement.

    9. And then you tell Mrs. Baker in the bathroom how Clay is worth everything to you. Like didn't you just offer her only $200k for what happened????

    10. And when Sheri comes over, you were set on embarrassing Clay, telling him to leave the door open? Can't you just TEXT him, instead of making it so awkward?

    11. You actually suggested that Clay wear his "rain poncho" to the party. Are you going to be OK?

    12. You also pretended like you were just going to "prepare" Clay for the deposition. We know that's not like you.

    13. And lastly, you're always nagging at Clay, yet you have NO CASE on your iPhone. Irresponsible much?

    So, write THIS down, Mrs. Jensen: You are the fucking worst.