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    Hilary Duff Put A Man On Blast For Taking Pictures Of Her Kids Playing Football

    "I'm asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children."

    If there's one thing we know about Hilary Duff — besides her being an icon — it's that she HATES paparazzi and other people taking pictures of her and her kids (Luca, 7, and Banks, 1) without her consent.

    In 2018 she confronted a man in a car for taking pictures of her.

    And on Saturday she confronted this man for taking pictures of her children playing football and posted it to her Instagram, saying, "Paparazzi shooting KIDS. Go 'practice' your photography on ADULTS! Creep! Laws need to change! This is stalking minors! Disgusting!"

    In the video, she approached the man and said, "Do you know any people on the team? Can you stop taking pictures of the kids, please?" The man replied, "It's legal."

    Hilary then told the man she felt uncomfortable, to which he asked if she wanted ID.

    "I'm not asking for your ID," she replied. "I'm asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children if you don't know anyone that's here. I'm asking you human to human — as a mother — if you don't know anyone here, can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football this morning?"

    "But I'm just telling you it's not illegal. I'm taking pictures, I'm practicing photography," he said. "Your paranoia is unwarranted."

    "They're our children and we would like to protect them," she said.

    People in the comments supported her.

    You can watch the full video on her Instagram.

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