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13 Awkward And Bizarre Moments From Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Crash Trial

Strangest trial ever.

Right now, you've probably seen that actor Gwyneth Paltrow is in the midst of a public civil trial regarding a ski crash in 2016. She's being sued by Dr. Terry Sanderson, who said the actor crashed into him. Gwyneth is countersuing him for $1, citing that she he crashed into her.

gwyneth in court

Legal stuff aside, the trial has already had a bunch of awkward/messy moments. Here are some of the best moments to enjoy — even if you have literally zero knowledge of the trial:

1. For starters, Gwyneth's lawyer had a hard time explaining the accident itself:

The entire #GwynethPaltrowtrial ski accident explained in 1.2 min. This man needs a dang diagram

CBS / @TyoToys / Via Twitter: @TyoToys

2. He also had a hard time reading the incident report, which was presented as evidence:

the lawyer in front of a projector saying, does that say said, i can't read it, anyone?

3. This height/heels moment:

Plaintiff’s lawyer: “May I ask how tall you are?” Gwyneth Paltrow: “I’m just under 5'10.” Lawyer: “I am so jealous.” Paltrow: “I think I’m shrinking though.” Lawyer: “I have to wear 4-inch heels just to make it to 5'5.” Paltrow: “Well, they’re very nice.”

@TheRecount / CBS / Via Twitter: @therecount

4. This moment, where Gwyneth is called "not that small":

Lawyer to Gwyneth Paltrow: "You're small but mighty. Actually you're not that small."

@stevemorris__ / Twitter: @stevemorris__

5. This "You skied into my fucking back" moment:


CBS / @asteel2 / Via Twitter: @asteel2

6. "I'm just telling you the truth of what actually happened — that's all I can do."

gwyneth paltrow ski trial is true crime yassified for gay men

Twitter: @alex_abads / Via @alex_abads

7. When Dr. Sanderson's lawyer said, "[Terry] has deterred you from enjoying the rest of what was a very expensive vacation," and Gwyneth responded, "Well, I lost half a day of skiing."

cast Gwyneth Paltrow on a housewives franchise immediately

Twitter: @bravobybetches / Via @bravobybetches / CBS

8. When the plaintiff's attorney randomly pressed Gwyneth about being friends with Taylor Swift??

Gwyneth Paltrow gets interrogated about whether she’s friends with Taylor Swift during ski accident trial due to her countersuit being $1, the same amount as Taylor’s lawsuit in 2017.

Twitter: @PopBase / Via ET / @PopBase

9. When Gwyneth forgot the attorney's name:

Gwyneth Paltrow just asked the prosecutor what her name was: "Sorry, what was your name again? Kristin?"

Twitter: @vulture / Via CBS / @vulture

10. When Gwyneth did not hide the shock on her face when the prosecutor said she's "lied under oath several times":

11. When the judge had to reprimand Terry's daughter for making medical diagnoses when she's not a medical professional:

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Law & Crime / Via youtube.com

"There’s a lot of medical experts in this case and you are not one of them," the judge told Shae, who referred to someone as neurodivergent. 

12. And Gwyneth's lawyer apologized to Terry's daughter for "being an ass":

at the stand he says, i need to apologize, i was being an ass earlier. it was wrong of me to triangulate you, your dad, your sister, and your mom. i ask for your forgiveness

13. And this moment, where the plaintiff's daughter and Gwyneth's lawyer started joking about the phrase "anal-retentive":

A recap of Day 3 #GwynethPaltrowtrial. He was being anal retentive with the witness. #GwynethPaltrow

Twitter: @DeL2000 / Via @DeL2000

Yeah, it's a lot. You can watch clips from the trial here.