This TikToker Is Calling Out How All Celebrities Buy The Same Boring, Expensive Furniture And Accessories, And It's Perfect

    "Update your fantasy. You don't have to get a sofa that looks like a shar pei dog."

    Are you one of those people who loves watching videos of celebrities' outrageously opulent homes? Well, if you're a pro — like comedian Dan Mahboubian Rosen — then you've started to notice that some celebs (and super-rich people) buy the same stuff.

    So, Dan made videos of furniture, pieces, and accessories that celebs and rich people "need to quit," since they all kinda look the same now. The videos racked up millions of views, with commenters adding their own examples.

    First, here's what Dan said:

    1. "Togo Sofa by Ligne Roset (cost up to $18,000). Stop buying these. If you're a poor person, you can stop wanting these. Update your fantasy. You don't have to get a sofa that looks like a shar pei dog."

    Two differently colored Togo sofas in a minimalist living room that leads to a large balcony facing a body of water

    2. "Pierre Jeanneret chair ($900). They're classic. They're modern. They're definitely not comfortable. So, just find a different chair to indicate to people that you're cultured and have taste. I can't see another home office with this chair. I'm done with it."

    3. "The Bellini Sofa ($3,749). Every Architectural Digest tour has one of these. There has to be a different sofa. Right, rich people, celebrities, and interior designers? Find one that's not this. I've seen other sofas. Us poors can't afford this, so give us some variety to hate you for."

    The Bellini sofa is a sectional that has rounded edges that resemble marshmallows

    4. "The Hermes throw blanket ($1,625). I don't care if it's soft. It's boring. It's inoffensive. You see it in the staging of every grotesque penthouse in New York. Meghan and Harry had one, which means it's officially not cool."

    5. "The Ultrafragola Mirror ($7,500). We get it — you're cool, you're funky. You like millennial pink. Every time you take a mirror selfie, you have to let everyone know you have great taste. Get a grip, OK? It's a fine mirror, but you can find other mirrors out there that aren't the size of a barn door."

    6. "Aesop soap ($40). Rich people, Aesop is not actually for you. Aesop is a luxury soap for people who cannot actually afford it. It's for broke creatives who want to feel fancy and impress your guests."

    A bottle of Aesop hand wash that is scented with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas

    And here's what his commenters added to the list:

    7. "Tom Ford coffee table book ($140)."

    A copy of the large Tom Ford book on a coffee table next to a small bowl of wooden domino pieces and a cocktail

    8. "Eames lounge chair ($6,495)."

    The Eames chair tilted back along with its ottoman

    9. "The Wassily Chair ($3,561) by Knoll."

    10. "The expensive Barcelona chairs ($7,974). They're ugly and awkward."

    11. "Controversial opinion, but also Sherpa/boucle fabric furniture ($2,500)."

    12. "Vetsak sofas ($8,265)."

    13. "Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum ($435). It's literally $435 for like five drops, and it smells just OK. Rich people love this stuff."

    Now, it's your turn. Which pieces do you think rich people/celebs need to quit? Let me know in the comments below!