Just 18 Tweets That Went Viral This Week Because They're Hilarious

    The pepperoni center?????

    We're bringing back the best tweets of the week. Whether you want to laugh on your way to work, send a meme or two to a friend, or just kill time — we got you! Here are the best tweets of the week:

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    Camila Cabello is like I’ll be home for

    Twitter: @veryharryhill / Via Quiznos


    “don’t be like that” me already like that: “like what”

    Twitter: @jayythewave


    why did he turn into spongebob for 2 seconds

    Twitter: @moschinodorito / Via YMH Studios / youtube.com


    i be like “i’m fine” then shake my leg 200mph

    Twitter: @ih8rts


    Twitter: @soitfuckingoes / Via Republic Records


    I think my dog is just done with our trip

    Twitter: @HeckinGoodDogs


    My self-driving Tesla crosses four lanes of freeway traffic in an attempt to jackknife an oncoming subaru. In the final seconds of my life, I’m filling out a captcha to try and regain control of the vehicle, but I don’t know which squares in the grid are “woke”

    Twitter: @mrbrianfirenzi


    me 2 drinks in recounting the 3 month situationship that ruined my life

    Twitter: @evilratperson / Via Disney


    The 19-year-olds who attend my favorite university didn’t score enough touchdowns today so I’m in the basement, drinking until I fall asleep. My wife is crying, begging me to come upstairs & watch a Muppet Christmas Carol with my family. “I don’t care if I die tonight” I whisper.

    Twitter: @atdanwhite


    Vegans when they bite their tongues by accident

    Twitter: @minasdemon / Via youtube.com


    I want to see kendall jenner take an improv class. and she’s not allowed to take a xanax or get an IV of vitamins beforehand. then I want kourtney to tour the factory where they make cheez its (this is a 2 hour episode) then I want kylie to do ayahuasca https://t.co/T2jc4kWLhr

    Twitter: @freshhel


    I like Princess Margaret …I can see me smokin cigarettes and eating biscuits wit her

    Twitter: @iamcardib


    Twitter: @ivyluvx / Via PBS


    how do y’all have so many people in your life who told you you’d “never amount to anything”? i had haters i guess but they had some decorum

    Twitter: @taylorgarron


    My brother & his husband are hosting thanksgiving and I wonder what my parents think this decoration in their bathroom is

    @gayassglass / Instagram: @gayassglass


    Twitter: @glamdemon2004


    what if we kissed… at the pepperoni center 🙈

    Twitter: @CathoIicConvert


    I don’t want kids but I’d love an epidural

    Twitter: @whattheFELK

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