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    18 Hilarious Viral Tweets From This Week

    "Starbucks lemon loaf looks like Phoebe Bridgers."

    We're bringing back the best tweets of the week. Whether you want to laugh on your way to work, send a meme or two to a friend, or just kill time, we got you! Here are the best tweets of the last week or so:

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    Hard to imagine a better first question to ask a Hinge match.

    Twitter: @g_safarik


    I was at a networking event and walked up to this guy, but before I started talking he just handed me this card??

    Twitter: @roshanpateI


    Twitter: @KKBnation / Via Bravo /


    Two straight dudes found this in the gym locker room and I heard them racking their brains trying to figure out what it was. Lmao

    Twitter: @bigtallgayguy


    starbucks lemon loaf looks like phoebe bridgers

    Twitter: @ahoyboygenius / Via Starbucks


    Women really talk to you like HR when they are completely done with you. Terrible stuff lol.

    Twitter: @specialkays88


    i spend two hours hanging out with my girlies and it takes every fiber in my body to resist tweeting some shit like “womanhood is so special.”

    Twitter: @badnaomibad


    Restaurant bills are designed to be paid by men ,that is why is called men-u

    Twitter: @JojoNitq


    I am CRYING my roommate brought over a discreet hookup and was like “this is camp” explaining something and the guy is like what is camp and he says “it’s like when…. when you… dress as a hamburger… for example” I’m CRYING like hearing this convo is so funny.

    Twitter: @babycupid777


    not only are we seeing the downfall of netflix, we are also seeing the downfall of chill

    Twitter: @bb_apes


    the spelling of colonel is so wrong

    Twitter: @criminalplaza


    can we bring back flip phones so we have to press a button multiple times to get the desired letter. maybe people would say less

    Twitter: @uhhmmily


    not my 3rd grader discovering I have a girlfriend and making me this

    Twitter: @grxcecxtherine


    It happened to me AND IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU: I was hanging out with 2 people and the one I know better left the room for a few minutes

    Twitter: @markedly


    everyone is always “in Mexico City” and I’m always like “in Duane Reade”

    Twitter: @anxiousdeluxe


    Twitter: @audreycressweIl / Via Paramount Plus UK / @sarahmgellar / Instagram: @sarahmgellar

    (Gays call Sarah "Mother," so she changed her Instagram bio.)


    Is Uber now allowing hotbox as a car ride?

    Twitter: @layxsnv


    I’m pro choice but this was tough to see

    Twitter: @panoparker

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