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    "Threads" Is Like Twitter With A Better Vibe — Here Are The Funniest Threads So Far


    As you've probably seen, Instagram announced its newest platform — Threads. It's essentially Meta's version of Twitter, where people can mindlessly share their thoughts, feelings, and pics in real time.

    Also, apparently Elon Musk, aka head of Twitter, is reportedly suing Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, claiming they ripped off Twitter.

    Obviously, it's a new platform, so people are still getting the hang of it. But here are some of the funniest Threads so far:


    A thread that says "when I get 5+ likes here" while showing a screenshot from the Gossip Girl reboot that shows a person blowing a kiss and the caption: "I'm influential"


    A thread that shows a stressed person with the caption, "tiktok watching twitter and threads fight"


    A thread of a woman vaping with the caption "I'm on here


    A thread of a man smirking as he stands at a podium ready to speak


    A thread that says Celebrities deciding what their first thread will be: A) Is This Thing On?, B) I'm on time! C) What is this ????


    Tyler Oakley thread says "spotting someone from a past life on threads" with a closeup of the eye of the human inside a Mickey Mouse costume


    A BuzzFeed thread that shows Carmy from The Bear screaming as he cooks with the caption, "INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, REDDIT, TWITTER, THREADS"


    A thread of Beyonce playing a game with the caption "Me finding all my oomfies on here"


    Jlo at her childhood home with the caption "me logging into my twitter account 5 years from now"


    A thread showing VP Kamala Harris smiling widely with the caption, "Finally IG people will see memes in real time rather than 1 week later"


    A thread of Lil Uzi Vert watching his pan on fire with the Twitter logo superimposed over the flame


    A thread of Tyra and the rest of the judging panel facing contestants on Top Model that says "Choosing what Instagram followers to block on Threads after clicking the "follow all" option


    A thread that says "a man that know what he wants > with an image that shows "Have children" and "Don't want children"


    A thread that says iCarly is better than anything quentin tarantino has ever made


    A thread that says Elon about threads right now with an image from Mean Girls


    Screenshot of a thread


    Screenshot of a thread

    Have you downloaded Threads yet? If so, let me know what you think of it in the comments below!