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Florence Pugh Wore An, Um, Interesting Dress To The Oscars, And Everyone's Making The Same Joke

First meme of the night.

Florence Pugh attended the 2023 Oscars and looked beautiful. That's just a given because it's her.

Florence Pugh on the red carpet

But people were quick to point out how the 27-year-old actor — who’s presenting tonight — wore a dress that looked, well, like a bunch of bed sheets:

Closeup of Florence Pugh

Those same people obviously memed the hell out of it:

me carrying my clean sheets back to my room from the dryer

Twitter: @nothnghppens / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

She took a classic silhouette and updated it with a commitment to showing women who are strong

Twitter: @TomZohar / Via Disney / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

me going downstairs and joining my family christmas morning in my duvet

Twitter: @StephenOssola / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

me aged 10 with my fitted sheets procrastinating putting it back on the bed

Twitter: @nelscorner

Me when I get off the bed and I'm so asleep I drag the sheets with me

Twitter: @snydersbatman / Via Variety

me after trying to fold fitted sheets

Twitter: @folklore2020

Florence Pugh’s rocking bed sheets 😭💀

Twitter: @CCortave24 / Via Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

While others were just like, "Wait..."

did olivia wilde style …

Twitter: @hunteryharris / Via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

@21metgala love her but this looks like the tissue paper you get with a new pair of shoes :(

Twitter: @mybabyfungus

What did y'all make of the look? Let me know in the comments below!

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