Finneas Embarrassing Himself At Taylor Swift's Birthday Party Is Something I Would Do


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    You know Finneas — brilliant producer, brilliant songwriter, and brother of the also brilliant Billie Eilish.

    Finneas on the red carpet

    Like, he's the producer behind all of Billie's biggest hits, including "Bad Guy," "Ocean Eyes," and "Happier Than Ever."

    Billie and Finneas sitting by keyboards

    Well, he did an Instagram Q&A, where he was asked about a multitude of things, including his bagel order...

    On his IG story, when asked his bagel order, he says "onion bagel, vegan schmear, avocado, radish, sprouts cucumber, hot sauce — it's called 'north of York' at belles

    ...and his most embarrassing moment:

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    He said his most embarrassing moment happened when he was partying with another brilliant legend — the one and only Miss Taylor "Three Album of the Year Grammys" Swift.

    Taylor holding up and smiling at a Grammy she just won

    "I said 'thanks for coming' to Taylor swift at her own birthday party," he wrote. "Meant to say 'thanks for inviting me' or whatever obviously."

    I mean, who wouldn't get flustered when being in the presence of THE Taylor? Like, how does someone like this exist?

    Taylor wearing a strapless gown at the TIme 100 red carpet

    Personally, the first time I ever met Taylor, I embarrassingly asked her to redo our pic together because I "looked fugly."

    So yes, it happens. It doesn't matter if you're me or a Grammy-winning producer like Finneas — when you're around Taylor Swift, your brain kinda shuts off.

    So if you ever meet her, keep that in mind. That's all, bye!

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