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15 Suuuuuuuuper-Awkward Moments From The Oscars

LMAO @ Jennifer Lawrence hopping over seats with her wine.

1. Jennifer Lawrence had some trouble getting to her seat in time:

2. Nicole Kidman crashed Sandra Bullock's red carpet interview.

3. Reporter Dave Karger didn't know how to take a picture.


4. Taraji P. Henson might have called out Ryan Seacrest.

Holy shit Taraji just put a curse on Ryan Seacrest 😂


5. And then seemingly fake-laughed.

6. Mary J. Blige and other performers were left on stage for a few moments too long as they cut to commercial, while it seemed like her performance was not over.

7. A lot of winners had to put their Oscars on the floor because there was no podium!

8. And then in his speech, Sam Rockwell called a Jet Ski a "ski jet."

9. Alex Gibson forgot to tuck in his shirt:

10. Ansel Elgort got his handshake rejected:

Ansel Elgort getting his handshake rejected is me in most social settings #Oscars

Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. © 2018

11. Rita Moreno almost fell while walking out to present:

12. Kobe called out Laura Ingraham:

13. Gael García Bernal looked good, but was kinda off-key the whole time:

Many thanks to Gael García Bernal for proving that one man simply cannot have it all #Oscars

Twitter: @MarkHarrisNYC

14. A fan introduced Tiffany Haddish as Tiffany Hatson (???):

15. The announcer called an Oscar an "Octor" (??) when Frances McDormand won: