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    Fergie Finally Acknowledged That Iconic Performance Of Her Doing Cartwheels And It's Everything


    SOOOO...if you're a pop culture enthusiast like myself, you definitely know Fergie's performance of "Barracuda" on TODAY in 2008:

    View this video on YouTube / Via TODAY

    If there was a word that superseded "iconic," I'd use it to describe it. It's BEYOND iconic. Fergie sings live while doing multiple cartwheels:

    TODAY / Via

    Honestly, though, the breath control/stamina to do this!!! WOW.

    Every time the performance is posted or mentioned, it goes viral (as it should). It's been memorialized on Twitter:

    I swear that video of Fergie simultaneously doing front cartwheels and sing grunting was shot in a different realm. My mind can't comprehend the fact that she actually did that

    Twitter: @quenblackwell

    not a day goes by where i don’t think about how fergie did this at 8 AM

    Twitter: @slicksharkboy

    And TikTok:

    And even by gays like me, who decided to be Cartwheel Fergie for Halloween:

    All this to say, Fergie has never really acknowledged this Pop Culture History 101 moment. Until now.

    Fergie upside down as she complete a cartwheel
    Al Pereira / WireImage / Getty

    Earlier this week, people began sharing their Spotify Wrapped, which is basically a ranking of your top played songs, albums, artists, etc. It eventually became a meme, with fans making edits like these, which referenced Fergie's performance:

    Twitter: @plantcutting / Via Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage / Getty

    Meme account Diet Prada reposted the edit, and THE Fergie herself saw it and commented:

    "My signature dance move." YES, Fergie. It is your signature move that will forever stand the test of time. It will never be duplicated.

    Fergie smiling after her performance
    Al Pereira / WireImage / Getty

    Thank you for that performance, legend. May it live on forever.