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    Erika Jayne Is Facing Backlash For Her Comments About Real Housewife Crystal Minkoff's Eating Disorder

    "That was hard to watch."

    Writer's Note: This post discusses eating disorders.

    You may or may not know Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne. She's a controversial figure on the hit show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

    close up of Erika

    Anyway, Erika sparked backlash in this week's episode of RHOBH for her behavior at Diana Jenkins' Christmas party.

    Erika and Crystal

    In the episode, Crystal Minkoff was opening up to the girls about having an eating disorder — something she's been vocal about on the show before. "The other day I was gonna post this picture of the family and I remember feeling like my stomach and my body — I just felt like crap," Crystal shared.

    After being pressed by Erika to talk about the details of her ED, Crystal said her relationship with food is especially challenging during the holidays. "I can't be with it," she admitted. "I wanna get rid of it."

    erika looking at crystal

    Erika then said, "I always think, 'Take laxatives and get rid of it...You would rather vomit it up. I would rather poop it out."

    In her confessional, Crystal said, "Is she trying to be helfpul? Or has she just had a couple too many drinks?"

    crystal in her confessional

    People were not OK at all with what Erika said:

    I’m speechless @ what Erika said to Crystal. It felt so dark. Like telling someone how to use drugs for the first time energy. #rhobh

    Twitter: @thebravobabe_

    Erika encouraging Crystal to take a laxative so she doesn’t have to make herself vomit her food is one of the worse things ever said in Housewives history. #RHOBH

    The way Erika was being so invasive and disrespectful towards Crystal, suggesting Laxatives and asking the most inappropriate questions. She’s disgusting #RHOBH

    Twitter: @MarTEAnisEddy

    To make matters worse, toward the end of the episode, a cocktail waiter served Erika a chicken tender. Erika then took the chicken tender and waved it at Crystal and yelled, "You can't have this! It's a chicken tender!"

    Erika offers Crystal the suggestion of taking a laxative to help with her eating disorder, which doesn’t sit well with Garcelle: Erika continues to question Crystal, and tells her she can’t have a chicken tender. (Cliffhanger) #RHOBH

    Twitter: @JaysRealityBlog

    Did Erika just say Crystal can’t have a chicken tender? #RHOBH

    Twitter: @TheOrdacity

    erika saying that to crystal about the chicken tender …? girl get it the fuck together

    Twitter: @anddddrew1

    #rhobh Erika not letting Crystal eat a chicken tender was FOUL. That poor girl ran towards that platter with such excitement, only to be shoed away. 😞 idk that was hard to watch.

    Twitter: @SLAYYYYINNN

    The episode ended after the chicken tender comment, but we'll keep you updated next week, as more of the situation unfolds.

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    The National Eating Disorders Association helpline is 1-800-931-2237; for 24/7 crisis support, text “NEDA” to 741741.