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Emily Ratajkowski Explained Why She Didn't Invite Chrissy Teigen To Her Wedding And I'm Conflicted

"I actually felt bad!"

So, you probably saw back in February that Emily Ratajkowski married Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Well, there's one person who def didn't make the invite list — Chrissy Teigen.

She tweeted saying she was "oddly mad" she wasn't invited because she likes all her Instas and comments flames.

On Tuesday, Emily responded to Chrissy's tweet on Live With Kelly and Ryan, saying she kinda felt bad:

And that Chrissy actually was pretty close to getting invited.

Honestly, part of me is like, IF I'M LOYAL TO YOU ON INSTA (aka like your pics and boost you in the comments), I DESERVE AN INVITE TO YOUR WEDDING.

I told this to my colleagues who let me know that I was actually on the wrong side of history and completely wrong............

They said weddings are expensive, Emily's wedding was only 10 people, and they don't seem that close.

But then again fire emojis = loyal = friends = wedding invite.

AT THIS POINT, IDK! I feel like I could meet someone once and invite them to my wedding.

What do you think? Should Chrissy have been invited because of her Insta-loyalty? Let me know without dragging me too hard in the comments!