Just 15 Tweets About How Expensive Eggs Are Right Now

    "Got two more Klarna payments on this dozen of eggs and they gone be paid in full."

    If you've been to a grocery store in the last couple of months, you've probably noticed one thing specifically — EGGS ARE EXPENSIVE AF. Like, a dozen used to be around $2, now they're like $7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    According to Forbes, "The main reason egg prices remain high is the spread of an avian influenza virus which started in early 2022," which has affected around 57 million chickens.

    Anyway, because the internet is the internet, everyone's coping with this situation by joking and memeing about it. Here are some of the best egg tweets:


    Got two more Klarna payments on this dozen of eggs and they gone be paid in full.

    Twitter: @Notdojaaa


    cooking $20,000 worth of eggs before the government seizes my gas stove

    Twitter: @pepefarms


    The cashier at Trader Joe’s when I buy a dozen eggs

    Twitter: @tweetsbybob_ / Via ABC News / youtube.com


    I have been going to different stores all day putting eggs in my pocket.

    Twitter: @layxsnv


    White or brown eggs, Sir? Nah, I’m just looking

    Twitter: @alifarhat79


    Me when I see the price of eggs 🥚 https://t.co/Py4pF85sYE

    Twitter: @TheGeekKrys / Via ESPN


    Me to my robot child in 20 years: when I was your age, eggs were $8

    Twitter: @blondemezz


    Twitter: @BuckTenMusic1 / Via CLE


    me when the grocery store is out of eggs https://t.co/UnSwIaHXRb

    Twitter: @bdgrabinski


    Me: When I was in high school in the 90s, my friends and I used to throw eggs at houses just for fun 20 year old coworker: What were you all teenage millionaires or something?

    Twitter: @joeljeffrey


    My wife when she tells me we are having eggs for dinner.

    Twitter: @Lurker_1 / Via YouTubeOriginals


    Twitter: @ryanschocket


    “why are eggs so expensive???” because chickens work hard. It’s about time they got paid

    Twitter: @StacyCaySlays


    IRONY 101 My sister’s birthday is coming up.. she said she wanted something expensive and rare. I’m thinking of getting her a dozen eggs! 😉

    Twitter: @JimHawk67327371


    Twitter: @ClemsTiger828

    That's all, y'all. Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!