Dua Lipa Made Her Red Carpet Debut With Her Boyfriend, Romain Gavras, At Cannes Film Festival

    They ate.

    You know Dua Lipa. She's the inventor of new rules, levitating, and more.

    closeup of dua

    She also has a tendency to slay the hell out of, like, every appearance she does.

    closeup of dua

    Well, last night, she attended the Cannes Film Festival and she debuted her relationship.

    She posed with her new man Romain Gavras on the carpet.

    the two on the red carpet


    closeup of the romain and dua

    Gavras is a French director, who directed M.I.A.'s iconic "Bad Girls" music video and other projects, like films Athena, Our Day Will Come, and more.

    closeup of the two

    King. Queen.

    closeup of the two

    They look amazing, right?!

    the two walking the red carpet holding hands

    We have very little info on their relationship, so we'll just have to just enjoy the pics of them slaying last night.

    romaine looks at her while she looks back over her shoulder

    That's all for now — bye, y'all!