Drake Posted Some Workout Photos And Has Everyone Doing The Eyes Emoji


    We all know rapper and inventor of having feelings, Drake.


    Well, according to his Instagram, the rapper has been in recovery from knee surgery. And now 10 weeks later, he's back in the gym.

    Drake working out

    Earlier this week, Drake posted some workout pics on his Instagram story, and let's just say he's making everyone hornier than a rhino.

    Here he is with a large dumbbell. Get it, Aubrey.

    Drake working out

    But it was this flexing pic that REALLY had people thirsting.

    Drake flexing

    Ya know, for obvious reasons.

    Drake flexing


    Drake flexing

    The Shade Room posted the pic on their Twitter, and people were looking, admiring, and appreciating. The replies are priceless:

    Twitter: @Oprahsidehoe

    @TheShadeRoom This is not about the guns though.

    Twitter: @Papirazzi_
    Twitter: @Lou_lou288

    @TheShadeRoom Gains huh!? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

    Twitter: @uZolekka
    Twitter: @J_Vanors2015

    Ah, thank you, Drake, for the music and serving us gains and thirst. 2021 needs it.