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    Updated on May 29, 2019. Posted on May 29, 2019

    Dr. Phil Had The Most Iconic Response To Someone Saying They Want To Sit On His Face


    So, Dr. Phil stopped by BuzzFeed recently to read some hilarious thirst tweets about himself.

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    And can I just tell you — the video is gold. He was so funny. Here's him responding to someone saying they want him to top them:

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    Anyway, someone submitted this super thirsty tweet, saying they'd want to sit on Dr. Phil's face.

    Here was his initial facial reaction:

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    Then he hit us with this iconic line:

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    Yup, we now have that iconic moment in American history.


    He gets it, he said.

    BuzzFeed / Hal RhorerBuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    We knew you would. To see Dr. Phil read more thirst tweets, check out the new BuzzFeed video.

    BuzzFeed / Hal Rhorer

    And to listen to more Dr. Phil wisdom and insight, check out his new podcast, Phil In The Blanks.

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