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    David Archuleta Posted Pics Of Him At The Gym, And I'm About To ~Arch~ My Back

    Alexa play "Crush," plz.

    I'm sure you remember David Archuleta. He was the cute heartthrob contestant on American Idol in 2008.

    Closeup of David Archuleta

    He ultimately lost, but still got a record deal and released "Crush," an undeniable bop.

    More than a decade later, David — who was raised a devout Mormon — had a bunch of life changes. He left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and came out as queer:

    Now, he's 32 and living his best life!

    And he's a gym rat — clearly. He posted these photos of him and a friend serving at a gym.

    Twitter: @DavidArchie


    Closeup of David Archuleta

    I'm about to ~arch~ my back rn.........

    Closeup of David Archuleta

    People were loving it:

    Twitter: @MauricioSwift13 / Via VH1

    @DavidArchie Okay David Archie!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Twitter: @badboybmar
    Twitter: @liamjohnsonNY / Via HBO Max

    This tweet sums it up well:

    David Archuleta (yes I said David Archuleta), in his post Mormon, coming out as gay, fitness thirst trap era on Instagram is something none of us could have predicted in 2008!!

    Twitter: @CharlesAOKeefe

    Thank you, king. Keep the content comin'.