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Chris Pratt's Dad Bod Is Officially Back And Now I'm Hornier Than A Rhino

This is not a drill.

Let's start off this post with a few necessary disclaimers. Number one: All body types are beautiful.

Number two: Chris Pratt β€” in every body type β€” is a divine sexpot sent from God.

Village Roadshow Pictures

But right now in January 2019, we are truly blessed because his dad bod is back:


Madi, Sanc / HEM / Dsanchez / BACKGRID

This is him in Cabo San Lucas with his new girflriend Katherine Schwarzenegger (idk if you cared about the back story, but that's it).


Madi, Sanc / HEM / Dsanchez / BACKGRID

I'm so here for it.

Like it's really doing things to me β€” and others too:

Chris Pratt has got his dad bod back and I'm here for it... 😍😍😍

Good morning to Chris Pratt’s dad bod and Chris Pratt’s dad bod only.

Chris Pratt and his new dad bod is giving me liiiiifeeee 😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

(Lol, some more than others.)

His dad bod, according to science and shit, proves that 2019 is going to be infinitely better than 2018.

Madi, Sanc / HEM / Dsanchez / BACKGRID

His dad bod has the power to quench the thirst of 205,000 people with just this pic.

Madi, Sanc / HEM / Dsanchez / BACKGRID

Thank you for reading. Like I said, you have officially been blessed. Bye!

Alberto Pizzoli / AFP / Getty Images

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