From Kendall Jenner's Awkward Dance Moves To Harry Styles And Lizzo Partying After The Show, Here Are 16 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Coachella

    I'm obsessed with Kendall's dancing.

    Whether it's random celebs interacting or an unlikely duo linking up backstage, sometimes, the behind-the-scenes moments of Coachella are super entertaining to witness.

    A performer onstage at Coachella.

    Here are 16 random behind-the-scenes celeb moments from the biggest music festival of the year:

    1. Harry Styles and Lizzo took a selfie together after performing "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

    New selfie of Harry Styles and Lizzo at #Coachella.

    Twitter: @PopCrave / Via Instagram: @lizzobeeating

    2. They then sang and danced to the same song at the afterparty:

    🎥 Harry at the Coachella after party with Lizzo ©Lizzo on tiktok #Coachella2022 #HarryStyles #Harrychella 💃🏼

    Twitter: @18MonthsOnTour / Via

    3. Anitta was livvvving backstage:

    Anitta sitting backstage at Coachella.

    4. We saw Billie Eilish rocking a slicked back look in the crowd of Harry's set:

    Billie Eilish watching Harry Styles’ #Coachella set with fans.

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    5. And Harry watched Billie's set, too!

    Harry watching Billie Eilish’s set at Coachella last night - April 23 (via onceuponatimeyay/tiktok)

    @onceuponaitmeyay / Via

    6. Normani and Doja Cat watched Megan Thee Stallion's set:

    Normani and Doja Cat watching Megan Thee Stallion’s #Coachella set tonight.

    Twitter: @PopBase

    7. A fan caught Harry and Olivia Wilde walking by during Billie's set:

    Harry and Olivia during Billie Eilish’s set at Coachella - April 23

    Twitter: @HSDMedia

    8. The Weeknd played Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" at an afterparty:

    The Weeknd ao som de Whitney Houston na Afterparty do #Coachella.

    Twitter: @TWBRMidias

    9. Lizzo posted herself freaking out over Harry's performance:


    POV u accidentally filmed urself during Woman 😭

    ♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

    10. The 2NE1 girls also vibed backstage:

    park bom, minzy and dara at the backstage enjoying CL's performance at coachella😍

    Twitter: @memealuvzCLx

    11. And then 2NE1 sang an impromptu song at an afterparty!

    2NE1 Coachella afterparty! they're jamming to Please don't go and Kiss 😭😍

    Twitter: @memealuvzCLx

    12. Travis Scott and Chase B vibed to Travis' song "Antidote" at an afterparty:

    Travis Scott and Chase B at Coachella After Party

    Twitter: @dailytrvisxx

    13. Billie took pics with her team during a first-weekend afterparty:

    Billie with her team at her #Coachella after party

    Twitter: @billiesource

    14. Timothée Chalamet hugged Kendall Jenner:

    Timothée Chalamet, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber at #Coachella last night (via lizabtw)

    Twitter: @tchalametupdate

    15. Justin Bieber and wife Hailey had a cute moment during Labrinth's set:

    cute moment captured of justin and hailey bieber at coachella 2022 🥺🤍

    Twitter: @JAILEYSWRLD

    16. And lastly, Kendall danced like this??

    AS DANCINHAS! Kendall Jenner e Justin Bieber ontem no #Coachella

    Twitter: @kendalldailybr

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