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    Britney Spears Wrote A Really Positive Instagram Post About Her Sister Jamie Lynn And People Are Confused

    "You're my heart."

    By now, you know that Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn have had a pretty tumultuous relationship.

    the two posing at an event

    Britney has said she's upset with Jamie for her participation in the conservatorship that Britney was held captive in for years. She also recently called out Jamie for performing remixes to her songs at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

    jamie singing on stage

    Yeah, things have been really rocky between the once tight-knit sisters. So when Britney posted this Instagram tribute to Jamie on Friday, people were pretty shocked.

    "It’s my b-day, but you’re my heart, so I’m thinking about you," Britney wrote.

    closeup of Jamie

    "Congratulations on being so brave, inspiring, and showing guts and glory in your show," she continued. "You ain’t alone. If anybody knows what that feels like, I get it."

    young britney and jamie hugging backstage

    "My baby sister!!! I love you!!!"

    closeup of britney and jamie in a crowd

    Everyone was collectively like "HUH??"

    "am i lea michele because i know id didn't read this right"

    Others questioned if it was really Britney posting:

    people commenting that it's someone else posting for britney

    What do y'all make of this post/situation? Let me know in the comments below!