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    Bosses Are Sharing Why They Fired Their Dumbest Employees, And I Don't Blame Them

    I can't even tell who's the worst.

    On Friday, Reddit user u/PotatoLaserBurn asked, "Bosses, why did you fire the dumbest employee in your company?" Supervisors, bosses, and managers all came through with reasons why they fired their worst employee.

    A woman sitting on the steps of an office building next to a cardboard box filled her belongings with her head in her hands

    Here's what they said:

    1. "I had a kitchen staffer who refused to cook more than an hour into their shift because, 'It just made more stuff to clean.'"


    2. "During their shift, they showed employees pictures of horse penises and other disgusting material on the dark web."


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    3. "My dad owned a steel processing plant for many years. He had a guy make a pallet out of cardboard boxes to sleep on, and he passed out cold behind some steel coils. My dad was told about it and found him fast asleep. He woke him up and fired him on the spot."


    4. “They cleaned the break room microwave with the same toilet bowl brush he'd JUST used to clean four bathrooms."


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    5. "Taking an extended lunch break and coming back to the office drunk and then proceeding to lean against a door frame to prop himself up while trying to hold a conversation without slurring his words."


    6. "They caught a snake in their backyard and brought it to work in a large plastic container — and then it escaped. So, we had to evacuate the office and get people to come in to catch it. We lost a whole day of productivity."


    Three snakes in three glass jars

    7. "Guy joined workplace, was given pamphlet on dress code, was told he had two weeks to dress as the code. He spent two weeks of his job not doing that. On the start of the third week, he got fired. He tried to sue because he, 'never got told what the dress code was.'"


    8. "He had a cubicle office with 5' walls, and it had a corner desk, so the monitor was visible from the doorway. Went to talk to him a few times and see him frantically shutting down the bouncing boobs on his screen."


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    9. "He would regularly come to work with cat urine stains all over his clothes. Nobody would work in the departments even near him because he smelled so bad. The final straw came when, one day, he decided to bring his own computer keyboard into work. I don’t remember why he felt the need to bring his own because we had an entire IT department with shelves full of keyboards he could use."


    10. "I'm not a boss, but we had one delivery guy who ate customers' pizza during delivery. He took one slice of pizza and ate it. The manager eventually found out."


    Partially eaten pizza slices with an small open container of ranch dressing

    11. "I caught him doing coke in the break room at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday."


    12. "They could never clock in/out properly. They would have to spend an hour or more with payroll every pay day to try to figure out all their missed punches (in and out) and their incorrect punches."


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    13. "My old company hired an agent to be a bilingual customer service representative (English/French, in Canada). He said he spoke French well. They needed new agents so quickly that they must not have even tested his French. Second day of training, they start going over French resources and have him listen in on calls, and it's obvious immediately that he has no idea what's going on. They did a French test, and he had to admit he spoke zero French. Immediately fired."

    14. "Employee complained and whined about everyone, and everyone hated him in return. One day, he told the only employee he liked that the only way to get someone else’s job is to constantly point out their flaws and weaknesses until they get fired."


    OK, you’ve read the bosses’ sides, but now it’s the employees’ turns! Let me know about your worst BOSS in the comments below!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.