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    Billie Eilish Had Three Wardrobe Malfunctions In This TikTok And It's Basically Me Whenever I Go Out

    My queen.

    First things first, I love Billie Eilish. So. Much.

    photo of billie eilish smiling with blonde hair
    Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

    I especially love her newest song, "Lost Cause," and love the behind-the-scenes moments she's been sharing on TikTok and Instagram.

    UMG / @BillieEilish / Via

    The singer posted this BTS scene on TikTok yesterday, where she shared the moment she had some wardrobe malfunctions.

    I'll just break it down for you...

    She posted one scene where her "titties was falling out."

    @billieeilish / Via

    Another wardrobe malfunction moment where she wrote, "Not showing you that."

    @billieilish / Via

    And then, another moment of "titties falling out again."

    @billieeilish / Via

    Three wardrobe malfunctions in, like, a minute is basically me every time I go out.

    @billieeilish / Via

    JK, but in all seriousness, as a fan, I'm happy to see Billie being silly and carefree and giving us these candid moments. That's all — bye!

    @billieeilish / Via