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    Billie Eilish Had Three Wardrobe Malfunctions In This TikTok And It's Basically Me Whenever I Go Out

    My queen.

    First things first, I love Billie Eilish. So. Much.

    photo of billie eilish smiling with blonde hair
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    I especially love her newest song, "Lost Cause," and love the behind-the-scenes moments she's been sharing on TikTok and Instagram.

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    The singer posted this BTS scene on TikTok yesterday, where she shared the moment she had some wardrobe malfunctions.


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    ♬ Lost Cause - Billie Eilish

    I'll just break it down for you...

    She posted one scene where her "titties was falling out."

    @billieeilish / Via

    Another wardrobe malfunction moment where she wrote, "Not showing you that."

    @billieilish / Via

    And then, another moment of "titties falling out again."

    @billieeilish / Via

    Three wardrobe malfunctions in, like, a minute is basically me every time I go out.

    @billieeilish / Via

    JK, but in all seriousness, as a fan, I'm happy to see Billie being silly and carefree and giving us these candid moments. That's all — bye!

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