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    17 Asses That Are Literally Too Perfect For The Internet

    No if, ands, or butts about it.

    1. This cute little ass:

    2. And this majestic ass:

    3. This small but loud ass:

    4. And this furry ass:

    5. This lazy ass:

    Baby Donkey In a Hammock, give us that weekend goodness. #fridayfeeling

    6. And this exhausted ass:

    7. This snuggly ass:

    8. And this spotted ass:

    9. This ass who loves to smell:

    10. And this fashionable ass:

    11. This ass who seems to stare at you:

    12. And this extremely perky ass:

    13. This ass, perched on an even bigger ass:

    14. And this beautiful ass:

    15. This skinny ass:

    16. And this athletic ass:

    17. And last but not least, this bouncing ass:

    Asses: they're all different, and they're all great.


    Thumbnail Credit: CURAphotography / Getty

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