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    18 Parent Reactions To Their Kids' Tattoos

    Featuring a bunch of angry dads.

    1. This mom appreciated this tattoo and joke:

    my sister got a tattoo of our parents and... I —

    2. This dad was STUNNED:

    My dad’s reaction seeing my tattoo for the first time Enjoy

    3. This dad's face says it all:

    Live Photo reactions of George keans tattoo reveal to his parents @geokeA

    4. And so did this dad's:

    My parents reaction to finding out I have another tattoo 🙃😂

    5. This person got "MEME" tatted on them and their parents thought it was funny:

    I got meme tattoo'd on me because @anything4views did, when I was many years younger. To memorialize that YouTube era forever- I got this. I’m not as impressionable as I was then, but I am still just as stupid. Very lucky my parents think it's funny too

    6. This parent said, "Pinche mocosa taruga," aka "fucking brat":

    So I decided to get a little tattoo today & this was my parents reaction to it

    7. This dad said "no like":

    smh i got the cutest tattoo ever n my parents still dont like it 🥺

    8. These parents weren't impressed:

    ma parents reaction to me getting a tattoo is the most boRing thing ever. Wanted them to flip shit ahahahha anticlimactic or WOT

    9. This dad found out publicly:

    Everyone check out my dad’s reaction of finding out I have tattoos!!🤷🏼‍♀️😅

    10. And this dad jokingly mocked his daughter's shell tattoo:

    My dad's reaction to my new tattoo 😅

    11. These parents seemed to not be surprised:

    Twitter, I would like to present to you the video of my parents reaction to my ass tattoo. #10 is in the books, and I’m not disappointed in it😛😛

    12. This mom considered their son's tattoo to be demonic:

    13. This dad was like, "REALLLLLY???????????????"

    So I got a #TheLionKing tattoo and showed my parents. My big sister filmed their reactions. They weren’t very impressed 😬😂

    14. These parents had vastly different reactions:

    Twitter: @meredith_kelly

    Dad's text on the left, mom's on the right.

    15. And same here:

    16. But these parents were in agreement that they hated their daughter's tat:

    17. This dad loved it:

    When this is your dad's reaction to the tattoo you got in Italy, he's actually the coolest person you know.

    18. And lastly, this mom had the best reaction:

    My mom’s reaction at the photos from the start of my new tattoo 😂

    In conclusion, all parents are different. Some love tats, some hate them. Either way, do YOU, people!

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