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15 People Who Will Make You Say, "OK, That Person Right There Is A Legend."

We salute you.

1. This woman, who got her face printed on her luggage:

2. This wine lover:

3. This person, who has an iconic explainer:

4. This graduate:

5. And this graduate, too:

Just because everyone keeps asking me what my quote is. Here ya go.

6. This scammer:

7. And this scammer, too:

8. This Starbucks employee:

9. This musical genius:

You will never look at a calendar the same way after you watch this

10. This boyfriend:

if anyone wants to know how drunk my boyfriend was last night

11. This dancing queen:

She aint have to go off like that 🙌🏾😂

12. This drunk spender:

13. This new mother:

my sister finally drank after 9 months of being pregnant and this is what happens😭😂😭 I am crying

14. And finally, this traveler: