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    12 Animals That Prove Humans Aren’t the Only Ones with DadBods

    The #dadbod trend has spread to the animal kingdom.

    1. This squirrel is too busy being a DAD to bother going to the gym.

    2. Not everyone wants their bunny to have a six-pack.

    3. This orangutan just ate 8 slices of birthday cake AND DOESN'T CARE.

    4. Flabby cats are much better cuddlers than supermodel cats.

    5. This dog will never make you feel guilty about cheating on your diet.

    6. Is he embarrassed to be seen at the pool without his shirt? NOPE.

    7. This pug stopped being a slave to the scale and he's never been happier.

    8. Some of us like our gerbils with a little meat on their bones.

    9. The ideal dadbod: 25% body fat, 10% overalls, 100% love.

    10. A full figured pony: just as nature intended.

    11. This rabbit hasn't been to the gym since 2007.

    12. Getting a dadbod is HARD WORK. This shape doesn't just happen by itself.