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    • ryanr29

      so, let me get this straight: on the one hand we haveabunch of people who seeahot girl withacharacters logo/cosplayer girl and assumes she has no idea what it is because she’sagirl, she doesn’t have enough time to be geeky with all her girl stuff and on the other hand we haveabunch more people who assume that every timeaguy talks down upponagirl for doing something it must have everything to do with the fact that he hasadick… because every negative interaction between the sexes (from man to women) is sexist. SO lets tryalittle bit of clearity despite the fact thatiknow im going to getalot of tl;dr’s and downvotes or whatever. for the first side, please remember when you assume you make and ass out ofuand me. just because the girl is hot and inacostume, does not mean their just their to get your rocket off. this idea that women are these succubi who are only here to suck out your souls is honestly stupid. and on the other side, lil story here, im fat, im about 260 270 something. you know what irritates the shit out of me? someone whos around 160 or less or so, or someone who might be slightly over weight going on and saying about how their fat… YOUR NOT FUCKING FAT! my point? its the same basic concept, just because you throw onashirt withacomic characters label on it does not make youageek.  also question, why is it always about the dick, and the sexism?iget it, they are singling out girls here, and yes it is sexist. but constantly claiming sexism at every single turn is ALSO sexist. sexism isatwo way street,iknow society would love to have you believe otherwise. amisaying itsaproblem when you call sexism on an obviously sexist point of view? no, you should douse that shit, but please dont generalize every single person into the same catigory of sexist, when they honestly have something they hate. wantatl;dr? both sides needs to realize that there is two sides to every story, for every girl that legitimately is just posing for attention, you haveaguy crying poser on someone who really isn’t.

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