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    I Went On A Date With A Real Life Vampire And It Didn't Suck

    They're people just like you and me. But with fake fangs.

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    This is Selorm and she didn't believe vampires existed.

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    Actually, her entire vampire knowledge up to this point was based entirely on what she saw in Twilight.

    But she's always down to try new things, so she decided to do something totally off the wall!


    She went on a blind date with a vampire (yes, an actual vampire).


    Watch their dangerous date!

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    Meet Anthony Montemarano. He's part of a coven called The Sabretooth Clan.


    His vampire name is "Onius," which means gatherer of people (and apparently avid wine drinker).

    Naturally, they decided the perfect place for their first date would be the Museum of Death. Yes, the Museum of Death.


    Selorm has a small fascination with death so she was HERE for this. Let's just say we can't show you anything that was on display. Not a single thing.

    They get to know each other a little better.


    Like the fact that Onius has three pet gargoyles and a taxidermy bat. This is not a joke.

    Then the pair hit up dinner for some extra rare meat, which required Onius to take out his fangs.


    Sidenote: His fangs were made by a "fangsmith" known as Father Sebastiaan.

    They finished the date off with a nice little glass of wine on the rooftop.

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    Who knew vampires could be so romantic?

    Overall, the date went a lot better than expected. There's even plans for a second date!


    Who knows? Maybe Selorm gets her own pair of fangs.