10 Reasons Andy Dwyer From “Parks And Recreation” Should Be Your Best Friend

Andy Dwyer: The Epitome of Perfection.

1. He will take care of your cuts and bruises.

Or Karate… wait does that mean he knows both? #letsplaydoctor

2. His ability to give his all.

Most people have commitment issues. Andy Dwyer is not one of those people.

3. His vast knowledge of nutrition.

But wait, what is the other 98% of milk. These are the questions that need to be asked. #hismilkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard

4. His interest and knowledge of political happenings.

Ah yes, the economy.#AndyDwyerforPrez2016

5. He obviously knows the importance of butter.

NBC / Via complex.com

Maybe he knows if butter is a carb?

6. His knowledge of show business.

NBC / Via imgfave.com

Have I been saying this saying wrong all along?

7. His cooking skills are on par with Bobby Flay’s.


8. Again, his knowledge of good diet and nutrition habits.

#mindblown I need to go grocery shopping with this guy.

9. He hates running just as much as the rest of us.

NBC / Via eonline.com

Yes Andy, running is impossible. #everyonehatescardio

10. And lastly, his ability to be trustworthy.

I will keep all of your secrets Andy Dwyer. #GirlScoutsHonor

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