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    10 Coworkers You'll Find In Any Office

    We’ve compiled a list of the 10 co-workers you’ll find almost everywhere. Whether you work in an office or a coffee shop, you’ll be able to relate to these personalities and even find yourself in them!

    Crush the Adaptor

    Crush is the ultimate “go with the flow” coworker. He rides the Great Barrier Reef for goodness sake! He regularly accommodates to the needs of others and is a real team player. These types of individuals will adapt at the drop of hat to pretty much anything that happens which is a great quality to have in someone when things seem to always be going awry like they were for Nemo’s dad, Marlin.

    Katniss the Challenger

    Have a Katniss in your midst? You’ll be able to tell by the skepticism she throws out on a regular basis and the opinions she likes to voice. She may be perceived as contentious or adverse but her personality comes in handy when trying to see the differing viewpoints in a situation. And when you’re trying to fight the Capitol, of course.

    Rex the Reactor

    Remember Rex? He happened to freak out over every twist and turn in the Toy Story and not with grace, we might add. Handling stress was not his strong point. You could describe him as sensitive, alert, wary, or vigilant. These coworkers don’t take the stress of the job with ease and can be easily spotted by a quick reaction when there’s no coffee in the office.

    Dory the Resilient

    So back to Finding Nemo. Having a Dory in the office can be like your very own disaster squad. The Dory personalities of the world respond to stressful situation in a slow confident, and steady way. Although Dory did suffer from a memory problem, she never stopped swimming.

    Sherlock the Introvert

    Sherlock did have his trusted Watson, but he truly enjoyed working alone and was the definition of an introvert. You can spot the Sherlocks in your workplace by identifying the people that love the quiet, may opt to write an email rather than talk in person, and seem to let everyone else take the lead. Many introverts may not enjoy face-to-face communication but that doesn’t mean they don’t produce brilliant work!

    Schmidt the Extrovert

    New Girl has a large array of personalities but one the most prominent and one we’ve all seen before is Schmidt’s. The Schmidts of the workplace can be outspoken and natural born speakers. Although it’s a common misconception that extroverts love being the center of attention, they often times just get charged up by being around others. Extroverts in the office balance those who are less likely to speak up and often times lead the team to success.

    Olivia Pope the Agile

    Olivia Pope has it handled day or night, she’s your gal for anything and always up for the challenge. This might be your coworker in your office who is all too willing to help and willing to take on the extra load but may already have a full plate. Her hasty work ethic, however, might be keeping her from other priorities outside of work.

    Hermione Granger the Driver

    Hermione is the one that got stuff done at Hogwarts. Sure, Harry had the legacy but Hermione was definitely the brains. She’s dependable, deliberate and organized. These coworkers keep the office moving and likely encourage others around them to get their accomplishments going.

    Sheldon the Traditionalist

    Sheldon is the definition of practical and conventional and that’s exactly what you’ll find in a traditionalist. These individuals are the source of expert knowledge in their field are less likely to be open to change and new possibilities as they like to approach situations with practicality and rational. We’re not saying they’re all set in their ways, but Sheldon’s pretty set in his.

    Princess Leia the Trailblazer

    Trailblazers take those same situations that a traditionalist may be in and design revolutionary concepts and imagine creating a better future. There could not be a better definition for Princess Leia. She took the fight against the Empire into her own hands and started an amazing path for female heroines everywhere! You may not be fighting the Empire but having someone like Princess Leia on your team can really do you good when it comes to new ideas and the next best thing!

    What is your workplace personality?

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