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    33 Brilliantly Designed Wine Bottles

    If picking a wine based on the label is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    1. These incredible labels written in braille.

    Lazarus Wines is a unique winemaking project in La Rioja, Spain. The wines are produced by blind and highly trained winemakers with the idea that their heightened senses make a superior wine. The label, created by Spanish design firm Baud, is a lovely nod to those winemakers.

    2. This crystalline fox design.

    This creative bottle was designed by Alice Bouchardon as part of a student project.

    3. This wine that lets you make a political statement.

    The perforated yellow label of De Bandera wine lets you pull strips away at the abstract interpretation of the Spanish flag and turn it into the regional Catalan flag. It was created by La Fonda Gràfica and is available in and around Barcelona.

    4. This genius way of bringing your loved ones what they really want.

    This cute flower packaging for Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine was created by PACKLAB in Finland.

    5. This label that changes as you reach the bottom of the bottle.

    This interactive conceptual design by Gemma Warriner highlights the eco-friendly practices of the producer — in this case, a commitment to help stop rising sea levels.

    6. This bottle that is totally here for you.

    This winning design for Modern House Wine's 2012 contest was this bottle that told all the truths.

    7. This colorful, geometric delight.

    Motif's colorful collection of "fine art wines" tell you which wines are best depending on the time of day, including the Bixgrod – suitable for drinking from breakfast to 3:00 pm.

    8. This inkblot label that will reveal your deepest thoughts.

    Inspired by the Rorschach inkblot test, the label for Inkwell Wines makes for a great conversation piece. Do you see a butterfly? Two people kissing? Grumpy Cat?

    9. These stylish, smartly designed black and white bottles.

    The wines are produced by Tsilili in Greece.

    10. This label that lets you say what's really on your mind.

    These bottles were designed by Talia Cohen in Canada as promotional advertising for FRANK, but honestly, we need these to be sold in stores everywhere.

    11. This bottle that suggests the perfect pairings.

    The Tapas Wine Collection are Spanish wines that should — of course — be enjoyed with bread, ham, cheese, olives, almonds, and other tapas. The label mimics a chalkboard menu you might find at a tapas bar in Spain.

    12. This frosty apple ice wine.

    Neige Ice Wine is made in Québec from a variety of apples with the same process that's used to make traditional ice wines.

    13. This bottle that will transport you.

    R Wine's Boarding Pass Shiraz cleverly puts all the information about the wine in the format of a plane ticket.

    14. This wine that makes you wish upon a star.

    Meteor Wines from White Fences Vineyard, which unfortunately closed a few years ago.

    15. This concept that combines nature and technology.

    This packaging was created by designer Lily Thury as part of a competition for Hungarian winery Csetvei Pince. The black and white wine leaves look like arial views of streets with the location marker representing the localness of the wine.

    16. This strong, angular design.

    The bold shape and intense red of the label on Sledgehammer Wine, made in California, help it stand out on the shelf.

    17. This anatomy lesson.

    The cool thing about this bottle is there's not actually a label on it at all. The info is all contained in a little packet tied around the neck of the bottle, along with drawings you'd find in Gray's Anatomy. The design is the work of Pat Mehbrei and the wine is produced by RedHeads Studio in Australia.

    18. This design that combines Spanish and Asian cultures.

    This award-winning bottle was created by Spanish designer Eduardo del Fraile. The polka dots and hairstyle of the woman featured on the bottle are more Spanish, while the vertical text and the white face makeup are nods to Asian cultures.

    19. This striking geometric concept.

    This design by Victor Eide was part of a student project.

    20. This comic illustration.

    These labels were designed for the Christmas gifts given to employees of Italian labels and adhesives company Nuceria Adesivi.

    21. This sans-serif wine.

    There were only about a thousand bottles of this wine, designed by wildwildweb in Spain, and we can all assume it was way better than Comic Sans.

    22. This lesson in Spanish punctuation.

    Punto y coma means "semicolon" in Spanish, but the design for this label is great, period. The wine is produced in Spain by Castillo de Maluenda and is available in the United States.

    23. These jewel-toned wines by the glass.

    Stack Wines are a great idea for people who are not planning to drink the whole bottle. Those people are not me.

    24. This label inspired by the fruits of the earth.

    Root: 1 is a Chilean wine you can find at most grocery stores. The graphic is printed directly on the bottle instead of on a paper label.

    25. These concept designs inspired by geography.

    This concept was created by designer Rob Schellenberg, whose abstract designs are actually lines from topographical maps in Italy's winemaking regions. The corresponding numbers on the bottles refer to the approximate lines of latitude.

    26. This bold and comforting design.

    House Wine is available at many supermarkets and wine stores across the country, it's a great value, as well as being beautifully designed.

    27. These bold Italian wines.

    These wines from Madeinmilan are produced in Northern Italy and are inspired by famous and infamous Italians.

    28. This colorful, prismatic design.

    Designer Simon C. Page created this and other kaleidoscopic illustrations that feature on this conceptual packaging for fruit wines. The wines aren't available, but the illustrations are. Download them as free wallpapers from his website.

    29. These bottles inspired by the Australian Outback.

    Manikay Wines are a new brand of Australian wines available in the United States. The design was created by Jeff Hester and is inspired by Australian aboriginal art.

    30. This exclamatory French wine.

    This premium rosé from Domaine Sainte Lucie is, obviously, made in Provence. Lucky for you, it's also imported to the United States.

    31. This set of wines that will take you from day to night.

    This concept comes from the creative mind of Marcel Buerkle.

    32. This label that sends a lovely message to the host.

    The whimsically illustrated snippet on the front of a bottle of Small Talk Wine is what you might actually say at a dinner party, while the back shows what you might actually think.

    33. These curiosity shop-inspired labels.

    Alpha Box & Dice wines are produced in Australia and are available while supplies last here. There's a variety for each letter of the alphabet, like Fog (F), Imaginarium (I), and Dead Winemakers Society (D).