33 Brilliantly Designed Wine Bottles

    If picking a wine based on the label is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    1. These incredible labels written in braille.

    2. This crystalline fox design.

    3. This wine that lets you make a political statement.

    4. This genius way of bringing your loved ones what they really want.

    5. This label that changes as you reach the bottom of the bottle.

    6. This bottle that is totally here for you.

    7. This colorful, geometric delight.

    8. This inkblot label that will reveal your deepest thoughts.

    9. These stylish, smartly designed black and white bottles.

    10. This label that lets you say what's really on your mind.

    11. This bottle that suggests the perfect pairings.

    12. This frosty apple ice wine.

    13. This bottle that will transport you.

    14. This wine that makes you wish upon a star.

    15. This concept that combines nature and technology.

    16. This strong, angular design.

    17. This anatomy lesson.

    18. This design that combines Spanish and Asian cultures.

    19. This striking geometric concept.

    20. This comic illustration.

    21. This sans-serif wine.

    22. This lesson in Spanish punctuation.

    23. These jewel-toned wines by the glass.

    24. This label inspired by the fruits of the earth.

    25. These concept designs inspired by geography.

    26. This bold and comforting design.

    27. These bold Italian wines.

    28. This colorful, prismatic design.

    29. These bottles inspired by the Australian Outback.

    30. This exclamatory French wine.

    31. This set of wines that will take you from day to night.

    32. This label that sends a lovely message to the host.

    33. These curiosity shop-inspired labels.