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13 Celebrity Selfies Improved By A Slice Of Pizza

Pizza solves EVERYTHING.

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IMPORTANT: This is what happens when you photoshop a slice of pizza over the camera phone in a mirror selfie. Further proof that pizza makes everything better.

1. For example, this Ian Somerhalder selfie was already pretty great...

...but now it's the best thing of your entire life. / BuzzFeed

2. Lindsay Lohan knows just how far your love of pizza goes: The limit does not exist. / BuzzFeed

3. Jimmy Fallon says, "Thank you, pizza, for elevating my selfie game." / BuzzFeed

4. The only way to improve a Lena Dunham selfie is with pizza. / BuzzFeed

5. Beyoncé + pizza = ***FLAWLESS, obviously / BuzzFeed

6. Zooey Deschanel's morning selfie is improved by a slice of cold pizza, the breakfast of champions. / BuzzFeed

7. "You and me could write a bad romance." —Lady Gaga, to this pizza / BuzzFeed

8. Lily Aldridge takes a back seat to the real supermodel in this transformed selfie, that slice of pepperoni and cheese. / BuzzFeed

9. This Justin Bieber selfie drastically needed improving. Luckily, pizza is here to save the day. / BuzzFeed

10. "AND WE CAN'T STOP...eating pizza." —Miley Cyrus

11. Kylie Jenner's selfie game was already strong. Pizza's just making it stronger. / BuzzFeed

12. Look at the ab-DOMINOS on Chris Pratt tho. / BuzzFeed

13. And Kim Kardashian knows that pizza really does make everything better... / BuzzFeed

...until it's all gone.

Bunim/Murray Productions

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