Can You Tell Which Celebrity Instagrammed This Food?

Stars — they like to put their food on Instagram just as much as we do!

  1. 1. Which celebrity used Instagram to pose this healthy-eating challenge?

    “Challenge: Share your favorite #SummerSalad. Ours is made from fresh veggies in our garden.”

    1. Michelle Obama
    2. Ellen Degeneres
    3. Oprah
  2. 2. Which celebrity found another use for steak by making this beautiful Italian feast?


    1. Ariana Grande
    2. George Clooney
    3. Lady Gaga
  3. 3. Which celebrity Instagrammed this patriotic pie?

    “We made an apple pie because America.”

    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Katy Perry
    3. Hillary Clinton
  4. 4. Which celebrity traded in a late night for this early morning treat?

    “Goodbye Portland!! I will be back for this insanity. #CaptainMyCaptain”

    1. Brian Williams
    2. Al Roker
    3. Jimmy Fallon
  5. 5. Which celebrity Instagrams only the finest cherries?
    1. Beyoncé
    2. Kelly Rowland
    3. Michelle Williams
  6. 6. Which celebrity headed south for these beautiful beignets?

    “Beignets with my boys #breakfastofchampions #NOLA”

    1. Reese Witherspoon
    2. Patrick Dempsey
    3. Courteney Cox
  7. 7. Which celebrity is #blessed with a chef for a husband?

    “So I ask David if he wouldn’t mind making me a quick sandwich, and this is what he serves. I’m one lucky M’er F’er. #grateful”

    1. Victoria Beckham
    2. Neil Patrick Harris
    3. Jonathan Groff
  8. 8. Which celebrity plays a doctor on TV and saves lives with this ingenious life hack?

    “Hey guys look at this cool way to eat Chipotle chips that I invented.”

    1. Mindy Kaling
    2. Sandra Oh
    3. Ellen Pompeo
  9. 9. Which celebrity Instagrammed this beautiful cantaloupe?

    “FINALLY!! My first melon is ready to eat! So exciting!”

    1. Ina Garten
    2. Ryan Seacrest
    3. Harry Styles
  10. 10. Which celebrity said "I want you!" to this salad?

    “It’s almost to pretty to eat.”

    1. Lorde
    2. Tyler Perry
    3. Adam Levine
  11. 11. Which celebrity made this highbrow/lowbrow snack?

    “Rich ghetto shit. Caviar on Lays potato chips.”

    1. Betty White
    2. Julianne Moore
    3. Ludacris
  12. 12. Which celebrity had this well-balanced lunch fit for a king?

    “Lunch is served. Arugula salad with chicken, strawberries, mango, cashews and olive oil/lemon vinaigrette dressing. Bowl of squash and zucchini and glass of H2P #YummyInMyTummy”

    1. Prince George
    2. Lebron James
    3. Prince William
  13. 13. Which celebrity *totally would* Instagram these gorgeous gluten-free desserts?

    “homemade organic, gluten-free desserts by @ben_bennett #actuallytastesasgoodasitlooks #glutenfreedoneright”

    1. Gwyneth Paltrow
    2. Kate Winslet
    3. Nicole Kidman
  14. 14. Which celebrity grew these handsome cherry tomatoes?

    “If my career goes south, I can always fall back on cherry tomato farming.”

    1. Ryan Gosling
    2. Mario López
    3. John Stamos

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