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    This Is What Happens When You Make A Facebook Bet That You'll Do A Strip Routine At "Magic Mike XXL"

    Watch out, Channing Tatum.

    Meet Luke Samson. He's a 25-year-old car sales executive from East Sussex in southern England. He made a big mistake Wednesday night.

    Facebook: luke.samson.7

    And then he quickly realized how much of a terrible mistake he made.

    Facebook: luke.samson.7

    "I was due to go to the cinema and usually I put up statuses to make people laugh or smile," Samson told BuzzFeed News. "So this time up out up a status declaring if I get 1,000 likes I'll strip at Magic Mike at [the] cinema (as a joke) thinking 1,000 likes was unrealistic."

    Not to ruin anyone's viewing experience, he said he waited until the credits rolled to start his dance.

    "As I got home my mum called me to say her friends had seen and had a fantastic night," Samson said. "They said it was the best part."

    He said the whole theater was clapping.

    He also made it to the front page of Reddit Thursday morning. Way to go!

    You can watch all of Samson's epic Magic Mike dance here:

    Facebook: video.php