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This Guy Used A Flash Mob To Propose To His Boyfriend In A Home Depot And It Will Melt Your Heart

My face hurts from watching this video.

I know what you're thinking, Home Depot marriage proposal?

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So, Dustin was in his local Home Depot when he was taken into the lumber section.

And asked to get on this staircase.

And then the dancers started up...

And he made a series of absolutely adorable faces.

And then his friends and family started walking in.

Carrying iPads and laptops of the friends and family who couldn't make it.

And two awesome little girls in tutus did cartwheels.

And then MORE friends and family came in.

And then Spencer walked in holding a sign that read "If I am good to you... would you be good to me?"

And then Spencer led Dustin down his flight of Home Depot stairs.

And asked him to marry him.

And Dustin, of course, said yes.

The end.