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This Girl’s Boyfriend Did The Funniest Thing After Accidentally Coming Home Drunk


Jodie Duncan is a 16-year-old from Scotland. This week her boyfriend, Kieron Cameron, 18, went out to a friend’s birthday celebration and got pretty rowdy.

Cameron came back from the birthday and let’s just say he was a little drunk, and apparently felt pretty bad about it. He ended up messaging Duncan. Like, a bunch.

“Didn't expect to go downstairs for a drink to come back to a message on every app we both have and especially a gift voucher with the message 'R u angry at me,’” Duncan told BuzzFeed News. “But I wasn't angry in the slightest, was just shaking my head at him."

Duncan tweeted about the whole thing and apparently it really struck a nerve with people. It’s been retweeted over 26,000 times.

“I only posted it to Twitter thinking our friends would get a laugh out of it,” she said. “Loads of people think it's cute and are quoting it saying 'goals' or whatever, which is nice.”

“I don't think Kieron would've sent me that if we didn't have such a jokey/fun relationship because he knows I wouldn't be annoyed at him about it,” she said.

Duncan also hilariously updated her followers a little bit later. Once he was in bed, Cameron apparently decided to do a little research.