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    This Dude Who Thought His #Brexit Vote Wouldn't Matter Is A Valuable Lesson For All Of Us

    "I voted Leave, but I didn't think my vote would count..."

    On Friday morning, a group of voters from Manchester were interviewed by the BBC about the results of the EU referendum. A few Leave supporters admitted they didn’t actually think their vote would matter.

    And Twitter went totally insane over it.

    One voter confessed that not only did they not think their vote would result in the UK deciding to leave the EU – they're actually sort of worried about the future of the country.

    So perhaps this a good time to remind people...

    ...that every vote...

    ...definitely matters.

    But also, after the clip went viral, a huge amount of abuse was hurled at a few of the interview subjects who were honest about their doubts about a UK independent from the EU.

    So, let's all take a sec to remember something else very important:

    TL;DR every vote matters and don't be mean to people about how they voted.

    Also, saying you regret your Leave vote is definitely not the worst thing you could admit, apparently.