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This Dehydrated Baby Rhino Found On The Side Of A Road Was Saved By A Passing Motorist

Luckily, the calf was found in time and is doing much better!

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Liam Burrough was driving just south of Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa earlier this month when he spotted a rhino calf walking up the side of the road.

The calf was covered in wounds and wandered into the shade of his car. Burrough managed to get help while pouring water on the visibly dehydrated rhino.

Outraged, Burrough posted on Facebook about his encounter.

As of Thursday, it's been shared over 15,000 of times.

Facebook: liam.burrough

"She had undoubtedly lost her mother at this tender age to a poacher in this," Burrough wrote. "One of the hardest hit areas by poaching in the Kruger."

Luckily Burrough was able to keep the calf calm until park rangers could arrive and organize a helicopter to come pick up the rhino.

"The tragic irony in all of this being that the calf had approached the very creatures who are responsible for her being orphaned in search of comfort," Burrough wrote.

The calf, now named Shadow, is currently recovering at Care For Wild Africa's rehabilitation center.

Shadow — on the left — is doing extremely well. Also, because Shadow is so young there's a good chance she'll be able to return to the wild.

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