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    This Crippled Goldfish Can Now Swim Thanks To A Homemade Life Jacket

    Einstein the goldfish has a new lease on life thanks to a clever lifejacket his owner built.

    This is Einstein the goldfish and he has a bladder disease that doesn't allow him to swim.

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    But the four-year-old fish's owner came up with ingenious lifejacket, built out of recycled tubing that allows him to swim!

    The life jacket took Einstein's owner three hours to make, building it from fish tank aeration tubes.

    Einstein will unfortunately have to wear it the rest of his life, but it allows him to move about the tank and feed himself.

    Swim bladder disease in fish is commonly referred to as flipover and affects an organ in the fish that affects its buoyancy.

    Einstein's owner isn't the first fish owner to build a lifejacket for their fish. This is goldfish is wearing a harness built to keep this afloat too.

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