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This 5-Week-Old Squirrel Was Adopted By Dogs

And it's more adorable than you could possibly imagine.

This is Apple Moonbeam (omg) and he was found freezing and alone in the woods.

Luckily he was found by a very wonderful person who is currently making sure the 5 week old squirrel gets back to proper health.

Here's Apple Moonbeam feeding with some help.

And here's a photo of Apple Moonbeam meeting Scout and Maverick.

Apparently, the dogs have quickly taken over squirrel-protecting duties.

This is Maverick keeping an eye on Apple Moonbeam, making sure the little guy doesn't get into any trouble walking around.

This is a photo of Apple Moonbeam hitching a ride.

Just a casual reminder that inter-species friendships are the best kind of friendships.

Here's Scout showing Apple Moonbeam how to chill out on the couch.

And here are the three new best friends hanging out in the living room.

Bonus! There's video of Apple Moonbeam crawling around while his two new canine protectors make sure everything's cool.

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