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    This Guy Started Balancing Stuff On His Nan's Head And Then Things Got Even Weirder

    Why is the internet so weird all the time?

    Have you seen photos of this older lady in a bathrobe — usually with something weird stacked on her head — circulating the internet?

    Her name is Jean Nokes and she's part of a Twitter account called "Things On My Nan" that went viral two years ago.

    The account is run by her grandson Jamie, a 20-year-old from Manchester, England, currently working as an electrician in Ibiza for the summer.

    Jamie eventually retired the Twitter account, he told BuzzFeed News, because his nan kept getting stopped for pictures in her local town.

    "I want to start up the account again," Jamie told BuzzFeed News. "Because of a copy cat account which is annoying me so I'm going to do more pictures and watermark them.

    Last month, Jamie's photos of his nan started appearing on a new account, going super viral, yet again.

    "Things On Grandma" calls itself a "parody account," except there's no parody, really, it's just literally the same tweets, two years later.

    And while stealing stuff on Twitter is nothing special, stealing photos of someone's grandma is pretty odd.

    The owner of "Things On My Grandma" told BuzzFeed News via DM that he's a college student from South Carolina currently learning how to grow parody account networks in his free time.

    As for Nana Nokes, Jamie said she doesn't really understand how big the internet is, only that she thinks it's "daft."

    Which, I mean, yeah, fair.

    Jamie said the worst thing about having an account posting photos of his nan is that his doppelgänger has gained almost 20,000 more followers than the original in its first month.

    "Yeah, it's really weird they have gained more followers than the original account," Jamie said. "Not too sure why they would like to hijack it, probably to gain a lot of followers, I guess."