The Guy Who Did Rebecca Black’s "Friday" Made A New Insanely Bizarre Song And It’s Mostly In Chinese

Guys, he’s back.

1. This is the video for 10-year-old Grace Liu’s song “Get In My Car,” and it was made by Patrice Wilson, the guy who wrote “Friday” for Rebecca Black.

2. In case you don’t want to listen to the song (and who can blame you), the chorus of Grace’s song is in English.

3. She sings about flying around in a car with her friends.

4. In the verses though, Patrice has the girl singing in Chinese. Most of which turns out to basically be gibberish.

Translation by Kevin Tang / Via

5. She also does a dance in front of a greenscreened Great Wall of China.

Translation by Kevin Tang / Via

6. And then there’s a rap part where Patrice Wilson shows up and actually raps in Chinese.

7. Most of which is also gibberish.

Translation by Kevin Tang / Via

8. Please, parents, please stop letting these people make music videos for your children. Please, stop this madness.

Translation by Kevin Tang / Via

9. Don’t let this happen to your children.

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