23 Of The Best Sloth Tattoos Of All Time

Because there is no such thing as a bad sloth tattoo. “Live slow, die whenever.”

1. Okay, so this is a cute normal looking sloth. Which is a totally great way to go.

4. But don’t be afraid to get really adventurous with your dermatological ode to nature’s chillest creature.

7. Your tattoo should be as graceful and elegant as a sloth chilling on a branch.

9. As beauteous as a sloth hitching a ride on a speedboat.

11. Sloth tattoos can be really inspirational.

13. Or totally bad ass.

15. Sloth faces are distinct and interesting, but also kind of weird looking.

17. But you can’t argue they have a silent dignity to them.

19. And if you’re considering a sloth tattoo, remember the sloth motto:

23. Namaste. Sloth life.

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