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    The Amazing Recovery Of Sammy, The Abandoned Cocker Spaniel

    Sammy was found abandoned by his owner in a garbage bag and is currently recuperating at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

    This is Samurai, or Sammy, and he was found earlier this month, abandoned, dumped in a garbage bag in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

    Here's a photo of Sammy the next day. The Red Bank Veterinary Hospital put him on a naso-gastric tube (the yellow tube in his nose) and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

    According to the Red Bank Vet's Facebook, he coughed out his feeding tube so they had to start feeding him by syringe in tiny doses (he did get a stuffed bunny though).

    By St. Patrick's Day, Sammy was doing better and able to eat more!

    And even more amazingly, children from the community started sending Sammy get well cards (omg).

    This is Sammy on Monday of this week. He's still hanging in there!

    Later in the day on Monday, Sammy ate by himself for the first time.

    On Tuesday Sammy took a short walk.

    And by last night, Sammy was eating and drinking by himself, not to mention wearing an incredibly stylish Burberry jacket.

    So remember, support your local shelters because they can work miracles!

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