The 19 Most Excited Photos Of Iditarod Racing Dogs

    They might be amazing athletes, but these smiley, happy dogs are also completely adorable!

    1. Musher Gerald Sousa's team sprinting down the trail.

    2. Jessica Hendricks' team racing down the trail at the re-start of the race in Willow, Alaska.

    3. Louie Ambrose's team charging down the same trail, starting the almost 1,000 mile race across Alaska.

    4. Iditarod Champion Martin Buser kisses one of his dogs before the start of the race.

    5. A dog from musher Scott Janssen's team rolling around in the snow.

    6. A dog from Nicolas Petit's team giving a Reuters photographer's camera some love.

    7. Lead dogs from Sonny Lindner's team barreling down the trail.

    8. Katherine Keith puts boots on one of the dogs from John Baker's team before the race.

    9. James Volek helping one of his dogs out of his truck.

    10. Dogs waiting in their cages, probably psyching each other up, talking trash at the other teams across the yard.

    11. There are 65 teams in the Iditarod, who will go from Willow, Alaska, 1,000 miles across the state to Nome on the western coast.

    12. Linwood fiedler's team sprinting down the trail.

    13. Two lead dogs from Cindy Gallea's team bumping into each other and probably telling each other something like "sorry, bro, my bad."

    14. A dog name Honey poking out of her head out of her truck and being absolutely adorable.

    15. Two of Scott Janssen's dogs intimidating all the other dogs before the race.

    16. Wow!

    17. Cim Smyth's dogs all being awesome in their matching boots.

    18. And all of Anna Berrington's dogs being even more awesome in matching capes.

    19. And lastly, long-time veteran musher DeeDee Jonrowe giving one of her dogs a great big hug before the race.