Someone Has Created A Jam-Filled Sausage Called "The Dausage"

    "Dausage" means donut-sausage, like a cronut, only it's a sausage full of raspberry jam.

    A 37-year-old man named Liam Bennett from Wales has been developing something called a “dausage”, or doughnut-sausage. It's a sausage full of jam.

    This is what it looks like when you cut into it. That's raspberry jam.

    He’s been working on a few flavours, including:

    • Pork with Strawberry Jam

    • Pork and Beef with Custard

    • Pork with Leek and Blackcurrant Jam

    • Chicken with Raspberry

    • Dausage Rolls

    • Venison with Strawberry Custard

    • Vegetarian with Primula

    “I was inspired to invent the dausage by the success of the cronut and the duffin,” Bennett told BuzzFeed News. “Everyone thought I was crazy, it worked really well!”

    Right now, he’s holding taste tests, and said he’s received some interest from retailers in the UK. He plans on launching a Kickstarter next to raise money to build a machine that can mass-produce them.

    Pictured below: the three stages of eating a dausage.

    “Most people who have tried it have loved it. There is always a bit of wariness to begin with,” Bennett said. “I am just finalizing the details of some food festivals we will be attending over the summer.”